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We know you are parents who deeply care about your children. Your hard work and love really show in everything you do, and you want to keep them safe and healthy at all times.

There are several less than pleasant moments that accompany parenthood, and we all agree that having a sick child is the worst of them. As parents, we do everything we can to try to keep our children from becoming ill or feeling pain. It is exhausting to have a sick child. However, with advances in preventive care treatments, you can reduce the number of times your children become sick. 

That is where we at
Wonderfully Made Pediatrics PLLC. come in. Here we believe that every human is created in God’s image. We have children of our own, therefore we know what that fear and insecurity feel like, and just like you, want to offer children the best in healthcare. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

That has been our mission since 2009, providing Houston area families with Wellness Checks and access to preventive care. With regular Well Child Checks, we can detect most problems before they turn into lifelong illnesses or worse. We will provide you thorough and detailed medical examinations that are cost-effective and cater to the needs of your children.

It is never too late to get started on preventive care!

Contact us and Schedule a Wellness Check.

With regular appointments, you can rest assured that any health issues that may arise will be taken care of early. This will save your family from health problems in the long run. You in turn, will have the pleasure of seeing your children grow strong and healthy.




Escritorio con estetoscopio
Escritorio con estetoscopio

Bridgette Smith-Lawson

Managing Attorney

Dr. Kareen Smith provides excellent and thorough medical care. She provides detailed yet understandable explanations for any condition/diagnosis/treatment while also providing warm and gentle bed side manners. She is a great doctor and I trust her with two of my most valuable assets - my children!

Shawna Meade 1.JPG

Shawna Meade


It is such a relief to have finally found a pediatrician who addresses the needs of her patients, is passionate about healthcare from a community standpoint, and is an avid health educator to both parents and children alike.

Angela Baldon.jpg

Angela Baldon

Registered Nurse 

Dr. Lindsay has truly been a Godsend. She began seeing my daughter at age of 10. Dr. Lindsay is very patient and thorough and makes sure my daughter and I both are comfortable and have full comprehension of care given. I have full confidence that I will receive the highest quality of care for my newborn son.  I highly recommend Dr. Lindsay to all families looking for a pediatrician.

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